This kit includes everything you need to upgrade your BA/BF to a 3 bar map sensor so that you can exceed the factory boost cut levels and give you the potential to make more power.

This kit will suit any BA/BF/SY Barra 4L turbo

MAP-070 Bosch PN 0 281 006 076

MAP-130 Bosch PN 0261 230 046

4 bar boost sensor 0261 230 046

Application and model suitability:

- Generic use

- Custom applications

- Suitable for airbox / intake manifold...etc

- Upgrade for turbo falcons

- May require custom fittings & adaptors

0.5V =50KPA 

4.5V =400KPA

3 bar map sensor 0 281 006 076

Define your air mass with Bosch T-MAP sensors. These sensors precisely measure the absolute pressure in your intake manifold and compare it with a reference vacuum. Plus, they allow your engine management system to accurately detect inlet air temperature, as well as manifold pressure. These integrated Bosch T-MAP sensors are extremely robust and are not sensitive to oils, fuels, or fluids. Get the lowdown on your engine load and improve engine performance with T-MAP sensors from Bosch.

Map Sensor Calibration Data

11 kPa absolute - 0.25V

307 kPa absolute - 4.75V


Description:Please note that this is not a plug and play solution your ECU will require recalibration to make this work

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