Golf R MK7.5

Extracting performance and economy from the manufacturer’s original management computer has become a popular modification in today’s modification scene.

Of course you can pick up generic flash tunes for your vehicle that can be completed whilst you wait; offered by a lot of “performance specialists”. However at Independent Motorsports we strive to extract the best out of your vehicle tune, with safe, economical power being our main goal.

With the use of our in house 4WD Dyno Dynamics Dyno, we are able to tune in real time, extracting the best possible results.

Don’t just trust your pride and joy with anyone, make sure you do your research first.

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Package 240AWKW

  • ECU Reprogram/Dyno Tune
  • CTS Turbo intake elbow
  • Intake snorkel modification

$2195 Manual Models

$2795 DSG Models

Below we have the 1/4mile and MPH improvments after a stage 1 performance package