IMS Drag Racing


Do YOU have what it takes to make our very own top 20 "LIST?"



Its no secret that a number of our clients have friendly rivalry and the desire to be the fastest among their peers. Who has what it takes to reach the number one spot on our very own IMS "Fast Drags" top 10 list of street cars?
If you are an IMS customer and would like to be on the list, send us your timeslip and photo/video evidence.

*We do not condone any form of illegal drag racing or dangerous driving on public roads, as such all of our racing is conducted at licenced venues such as Calder Park, Heathcote Raceway etc.

The rules 
  1. You must be an active racer.
  2. Description:You need to be part of the IMS racing community.
  3. You can own multiple cars on the list.
  4. If you are currently on the list and are showing no activity within 3 months you will be removed.
  5. You must race your car at least once every 6 months.
  6. If your car's broken you have 6 months to get back on the list other wise you will forfeit your spot.
  7. You must submit a Time card
Interpretation of active RACER
  • Attending drag meets whether you're racing or not as a collective Group
  • Helping fellow racers out Weather it by towing or pitting
  • And most importantly racing your car
This is a group of people with the common goal, to go fast and beat each other, and most importantly have fun helping each other out.

As of 28/05/2023, the top IMS TOP 20  Racers

Position: 1st
Name: Adam W
Vehicle: VF Sedan 6Ltr Turbo
Time/MPH: 8.649 @ 165MPH
Position: 2nd
Name: Joe C
Vehicle: BA XR6T 2 SPEED 
Time/MPH: 8.69 @ 166MPH
Position: 3rd
Name: Joe C
Vehicle: Territory Turbo ZF Auto
Time/MPH: 8.792 @166MPH
Position: 4th
Name: Paul K
Vehicle: HR Holden 2JZ Auto
Time/MPH: 8.796 @ 156MPH
Position: 5th
Name: Chris C
Vehicle: VY UteTwin Turbo LS
Time/MPH: 9.129 @ 137MPH
Position: 6th
Name: Stathi K
Vehicle: Territory Turbo ZF Auto
Time/MPH: 9.459 @ 146MPH
Position: 7th
Name: Rob S
Vehicle: VY 1 Tonner 6Ltr Turbo
Time/MPH: 9.587 @141.08MPH
Position: 8th
Name: Anthony T
Vehicle: VL Turbo RB25 Auto
Time/MPH: 9.644 @ 143MPH
Position: 9th
Name: Paul C
Vehicle: FG XR6T ZF Auto
Time/MPH: 9.782 @ 148MPH
Position: 10th
Name: Anthony T
Vehicle: VY Sedan LS1 Turbo Auto
Time/MPH: 9.819 @147MPH
Position: 11th
Name: Lachlan F
Vehicle: FG G6E Turbo ZF Auto
Time/MPH: 10.07 @ 144MPH
Position: 12th
Name: Chris
Vehicle: FGX Turbo Barra
Time/MPH: 10.121 @137.69
Position: 13th
Name: Chris Tom
Vehicle: Nissan 180
Time/MPH: 10.175 @134.94MPH
Position: 14th
Name: Mikey S
Vehicle: FG FPV F6 ZF Auto
Time/MPH: 10.367 @ 136MPH
Position: 15th
Name: Gary
Vehicle: FGX Sprint Barra ZF
Time/MPH: 10.584 @ 130MPH
Position: 16th
Name: Toby V
Vehicle: BA XR6T BTR
Time/MPH: 10.9084 @126
Position: 17th
Name: Tony S
Vehicle: FGX Barra Turbo ZF
Time/MPH: 10.951 @129MPH
Position: 18th
Name: Justin F
Vehicle: FGX Supercharged ZF
Time/MPH: 10.953 @ 128MPH
Position: 19th
Name: Aaron T
Vehicle: FG XR6T Manual
Time/MPH: 11.0924 @ 126MPH
Position: 20th
Name: Ryan H
Vehicle: VK Commodore NOS
Time/MPH: 11.196 @121.31