Fuel System

The fuel system is a mechanism where different components work together to supply fuel to the engine as needed, which in turn runs the vehicle. The fuel is supplied to the cylinder chamber, where it gets mixed with air, vaporized and burned to produce energy. If any of the components malfunctions, the vehicle may fail to start. So, it’s vital to keep all components in working order.

Components in the Fuel System

The fuel system comprises various components. The car runs when the fuel is burned, which follows a mechanical process. The fuel is stored in the fuel tank, which is supplied to the cylinder chamber for combustion through several components. The fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filter, and fuel injector all work together to supply the fuel.

Fuel Pump

The component that draws fuel (either gasoline or diesel) from the fuel tank is the fuel pump. It then pumps the fuel to the fuel injector.

Fuel Injector

The fuel injectors are basically like a nozzle with a valve that sprays a fine mist of fuel and air droplets into the combustion chamber. It is where the fuel is used to produce power that drives the wheels.

Fuel Lines

The fuel lines connect all the components of the fuel system and supply a regulated amount of fuel to these components. Leakage in fuel lines can create problems. So, ensure you have durable fuel lines.

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