Isuzu Dmax 4JJ3 ECU Remaping




The Isuzu Dmax are very popular with tradesmen and families alike. They're also popular for modifying with lifts and bigger tyres,etc or for heavy hauling. While capable from the factory they also respond really well to a tune which will make life much easier for the driver.

Here at Indepenent Motorsports we can can reflash a vast range of Diesel and European vehicles, including your Isuzu! We read the factory ECU file and make changes to the relevant tables such as boost, injection timing, injection pulsewidth and torque limits. This is a fancy way of saying we are able to safely calibrate a tune that will not only make maximum power and torque but with all of the advantages of factory safety limits. We closely monitor AFR’s and EGT’s whilst performing our custom tunes, ensuring that we get it right every time.

So if you're looking to get your Isuzu running as efficiently as possible without compromising on the factory driveability, give us a call and book in your car today!


Make: Isuzu D Max 4JJ3
Model: Dmax 2023 Manual 3Ltr 4JJ3 Auto
Power – Before: 93KW After: 124KW
Torque – Before: 320NM After: 400NM
Power & Torque Gain: 33% Power Gain & 25% Torque Gain
Tuning Method: ECU Re-program
Tune Price: $1395 Incl GST

PLEASE NOTE: Torque Gains vary on Wheel/Tyre Combo, Please compare overall gains