Silicone Hoses & Clamps

Types Of Silicon Hoses We Offers

Silicone hoses are flexible, sturdy, and long-lasting, and they can be used in a variety of situations where other couplings just won't work. Take a peek at the extensive choice of silicone hoses we have to offer if you're looking for hoses for your industry.

We provide 45 and 90-degree hoses, 610 mm and 75 mm long hoses, straight reducers, vacuum and boost hoses, and more at Independent Motorsports Spares.

45 Deg Hose

Straight silicone hose kinks and cannot be used in customized setups and racing fitments. 45-degree silicone hose is excellent for all custom installations and racing fitments where straight silicone hose kinks and cannot be used.

90 Deg Hose

Silicone hoses are used to link metal pipes and parts in cooling systems that use water or ethylene glycol. Our 90-degree elbows are ideal for creating right-angle bends in the piping system, and when coupled jointly, they can also produce S bends.

Straight Hose 610mm Long

Silicone hoses are widely utilized in the automotive sector due to their unique physical and chemical qualities. Take a look at our straight hose. It measures 610mm in length.

Straight Hose 75mm Long

Silicone hoses are extensively employed in the automotive industry due to their excellent mechanical and chemical qualities. Take a look at our straight hose. It measures 75mm in length.

Straight reducer

A pipe reducer is a bong fitting that changes the nominal bore size from a larger to a reduced internal diameter. Pipes and pipeline installations are not similar in size, and it may be necessary to reduce or enlarge lines based on process requirements, hydraulic criteria, or material availability. This is where the significance of such a unique pipe fitting known as a Pipe Reducer or Pipe Expander comes into play.

Vacuum & Boost Hose

Every one of the flexible tubes used to carry vacuum energy through your automobile is referred to as a vacuum hose. Whenever the hoses get shorter, they're called "vacuum lines" or "vacuum tubing" but they all work in the same way.

A boost hose is a hose with a loose clamp or that has been broken and is unable to manage the turbo boost force. Overlooking a boost leakage will shorten the life of your turbo and, as a result, the life of your car engine.

Features Of Silicone Hoses

Silicone hoses are the recommended hose type in the automobile sector because they have several advantages over standard rubber hoses. Rubber hoses are much more difficult to work with than silicone hoses. With silicone hoses, simple installation operations may be accomplished fast and easily. Silicone hoses have the following features:

  • Flexibility at Low Temperatures: Unlike many hoses, which stiffen in the winter, silicone hoses are dynamically flexible in practically any temperature, including as cold as - 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Resistance to High Temperatures: In contrast to black rubber hoses, among the most obvious benefits silicone hoses have is their ability to function in high-temperature situations. Silicone hoses reinforced with aramid fibres may endure temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining elongation, tensile strength, and resilience to tearing and scratches.
  • Resistance to the surroundings: Silicone hoses are resistant to the outdoors, including sunshine, rainfall, ozone, air gasses, and moisture, which causes other hose kinds to deteriorate. Silicone hoses can be used in practically any environment, including dry areas with a lot of direct sunshine.

Why choose Independent Motorsports Silicone Hoses?

Silicone hoses are the favoured hose type in the automobile sector because they have several advantages over standard rubber hoses. When compared to rubber hoses, our silicone hoses have a far higher temperature resistance. They will function significantly better in extreme temperature situations and can be used in a wide range of temperatures.