Atomic Performance Products

Atomic Performance is an Australian company that excels in manufacturing small components for a car's engine. The components manufactured by Atomic Performance are small but specialized in working with high-performance engines. Atomic Performance has been in the market, manufacturing and developing engine components for the past 35 years and the products that they manufacture are of top-of-the-line quality. The company has made a reputation for itself by serving its clients with superior quality products for so long, and now any they are experts at manufacturing all sorts of engine internal components for normal cars as well as performance cars.

At Independent Motorsports, we deal in genuine Atomic Performance products. We are genuine and authorized by the company itself, and offer everything that is manufactured by Atomic Performance at one of the most aggressive rates in Australia. Our expert professionals understand the difference between Atomic Performance products and products from a different company. We always recommend our customers to go for products from Atomic Performance instead of other companies as they are the most highly-recommended manufacturers of engine internal components in Australia.

The components that are manufactured by Atomic Performance are based on the engine of Ford Barra. In 2005, the founder of Atomic Performance, Brad Girdwood noticed that many new engines of Ford Barra were turning out to be a failure, and the need to tune them up to increase. Brad studied the situation and instantly understood that the problem was the low quality of engine internals used. It was then that Atomic Performance came to light and started making a name for itself. At Independent Motorsports, we have a good understanding of the products that Atomic Performance makes and offers completely genuine products to our customers. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority and we strive to attain it with every customer we work for.

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