Patrol GQ/GU TD42 Turbo

The Nissan Patrols are one of the most popular 4WD in Australia, offering fantastic off-road ability, acres of room, great reliability and massive amounts of aftermarket support. We can help too! The Patrol is a solid vehicle, and once you add bigger tires, drawers and all the popular accessories you increase their already heft weight significantly so don't forget to add more power and torque too!

Here at Indepenent Motorsports we can can reflash a vast range of Diesel and European vehicles, including your Patrol! We read the factory ECU file and make changes to the relevant tables such as boost, injection timing, injection pulsewidth and torque limits. This is a fancy way of saying we are able to safely calibrate a tune that will not only make maximum power and torque but with all of the advantages of factory safety limits. We closely monitor AFR’s and EGT’s whilst performing our custom tunes, ensuring that we get it right every time.

So if you're looking to get your Patrol running as efficiently as possible without compromising on the factory driveability, give us a call and book in your car today!


Make:     Nissan
Model:   2005 GU Patrol TD4.2 Turbo
Power – Before:  70.7KW After: 96.8KW
Power & Torque Gain: 26.1% Power and 87% increase at 1700Rpm
Bolt-on Mods: ALL Stock (GFB or Turbosmart Boost Tee Only)
Tuning Method:  Mechanical  Pump Adjustment
Tune Price: $695 Incl GST

PLEASE NOTE: Torque Gains vary on Wheel/Tyre Combo, Please compare overall gains