Engine Valve Springs

The main purpose of valve springs is to power a car's engine. Despite their importance, valve springs are often overlooked on engines and are essential to the valve train. Until the valve is opened by the cam, the valve spring keeps it closed tightly against its seat. When the cam continues to move, it will release the valve and allow the valve spring to do its job, retracting the valve back into the head.

Valve springs come in many different types, but there are two main types: single springs, and dual springs. With a single spring, the valve is supported by only one spring, whereas with a dual spring there is another smaller spring within the original. Valve springs differ from each other primarily by the pressure they apply to the cam and valve. In order to avoid valve float, and to prevent cam wear, it is important to select a valve with the right spring pressure. You also don't want to select a valve that is too stiff, which induces high wear on the cam. Keepers and retainers are also part of the valve. Keepers ensure that the spring is attached securely to the valve.

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