With a wide and diverse range of camshafts to suit your LS series engine, VCM Performance can help you get the most out of your engine...

From small camshafts to large, naturally aspirated to boosted, and everything in between we have the camshaft for you.

All our camshafts are ground using Quality Billets in a 3 bolt pattern, excluding L98 camshaft.


  • VCM3
  • VCM480
  • VCM532
  • VCM5SC
  • VCM825
  • VCM883
  • VCM710
  • VCM714
  • VCM713
  • VCM11
  • VCM13
  • VCM16
  • VCM122


SKU VCMCamshaft
Brand VCM Performance

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