SQP 1000Hp Super ZL1 Holden VE - VF Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit

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SQP has been at the forefront of drop in fuel system modules for VE and VF Commodores for many years now. When others were fitting sub tanks and dropping pumps into OEM tanks without swirl buckets supported jet pumps and running them staged on hob switches, SQP has looked for the best engineered solutions to fuel delivery in this platform and with the intoduction of the ZL1 pump in 2010 utilising OEM PWM control gave the VE Commodore some fuel capacity that allowed up to 600rwhp before the pump ramped over. PWM? Yeah... PWM controlled systems use feed back from an inline fuel pressure sensor and the controller will sit the pump at whatever pressure is commanded in the Fuel Pump Control Module (FPCM). The regulator seen on the module is nothing more than a high pressure relief to let out pump pressure on shut down of the car. It is set at 80psi and shouldn't be used to set fuel pressure in the system. But some on the market do...  Why did the OEMs go to the bother of spending $$ developing a PWM control system for their pumps? Simple... big pumps drag a lot of current. Sitting the pump flat out on a regulator all day shortens not only the pump life but kills wiring and heats fuel. It is really an old school way of doing business and the correct engineering is to monitor fuel pressure and increase pump duty cycle to meet the demand on the system. A ZL1 pump at fuel capacity on 60psi (typical Commodore pressure) drags 16amps! That is a lot of load on a system when car is just idling etc... PWM will see this load ONLY when max capacity is required!

So you want to push into the 700rwhp and need a pump upgrade that will work with PWM, operate in the same bucket as OEM as a straight drop in? Enter the SQP SUPER ZL1!  After much investigation SQP has come up with a OEM replacement for the ZL1 pump that we have seen go into the 800hub hp area on pump 98 at 50psi- STABLE. It is a straight drop in for your late model VE and VF Commodore and a perfect upgrade for the LSA platform when stretching the legs of the blower options!

Now SQP doesn't just get a larger pump into the OEM ZL1 module- we had it independently flow tested in the USA on certified fuel flow equipment. Here is the data; -Commodore typically runs in the 13.5V to 14.2V range.

 As the data above shows, this pump upgrade has massive capacity when set up and utilised in a correct engineered manner. All in the know understand that higher the pressure, the lower the capacity of the pump. This is why a ZL1 will start struggling earlier in a LSA platform at 450kpa (65psi) than in a Commodore naturally aspirated application. Others may argue with that but there is some set up required in the FPCM. Now these tables are OUTSIDE what is seen in editing software in the engine ECU section and it constantly catches many out thinking the falling pressure seen is the pump losing its ability to keep up. SQP gives  the required data to sort this issue on sale of our pumps and controllers.

The SUPER ZL1 is E85 safe and the flow data is included in the table for this fuel.

SQP offer this pump upgrade in a few different options for the late VE and VF owner- you have a module so no need to buy another new unit to have the pump replaced. SQP offer this upgrade EXCHANGE bringing exceptional value for money to you. Below is a pick of the BRAND NEW high flow SUPER ZL1 pump ready for fitting to a ZL1 module.

Exchange Module with Super ZL1 pump installed ready for service.

We offer the Super ZL1 as a Exchange or Outright Module

$1495 exchange or $1795 Outright with a new Module 2010 VE/VF

But you have a pre PWM controlled VE from 2006 to 2010? Well SQP has the BEST solution for you guys too! With all the advantages of PWM control and not having to tune around falling fuel pressure as instructed by others, the SUPER ZL1 in early VE is controlled using one of SQP performance partners in Vaporworx stand alone PWM controllers. For all the reasons why PWM is used by OEMs in fuel systems of this capacity, the Vaporworx controller allows fuel pressure to be adjusted with nothing more than a screwdriver! Want more pressure- dial it in! Want less- drop it off. The beauty of this is you aren't struggling with lowering fuel pressures as seen in other systems on the market and trying to chase it with injector offsets. STABLE PRESSURE means dialling in your VE table is a snack! Accurate pressure...accurate fuelling. OEM Fuel pressure sensor employed with detailed set up instructions for wiring etc. Cross over adapter and wiring plug change overs all included.


This system isn't going to be the cheapest on the market but it truly is the finest engineering with longevity in mind. All up with brand new SUPER ZL1 Module and Vaporworx controls SQP offer it for sale at


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