LS1 Street Cam Kits Includes 

  • 1 x Camshaft (These camshafts are manufactured by crow cams 
  • 1 x Set of PAC Valve Springs 
  • 1 x Timing Cover gasket set
  • 1 x Balancer Bolt
  • 1 x Push rod sets only available with dual valve spring upgrade option


219/227-112 camshaft This camshaft suits standard stall Converters when used with a LS1 VT-VZ models this camshaft will give you good lowdown torque with good mid range Power with a nice choppy idle.Even though this is our Auto camshaft it does work equally as good with a manual transmission


226/232-112 600 camshaft This camshaft is our go to LS1 camshaft we have spent the last 5 years looking for the holy grail and this is it. Super choppy idle with excellent engine vacuum and good low to high RPM Power Range, makes power from 2000Rpm all the way to 6500Rpm with Peak Torque at 5000Rpm making it the perfect street and strip cam.

SKU LS1CamKits
Brand Independent Motorsports