The PWR ZF 6-Speed Transmission Heat Exchanger kit is an easy to fit DIY kit designed to be mounted beneath the passenger side transmission crossmember and replaces the factory OEM heat exchanger removed from the engine block and associated lines all the way back to the transmission. The kit requires no modification to the car and includes additional heater hoses, high flow ½” pushlock oil hoses, billet transmission adapters and various fittings with full colour fitting instructions. Consistent transmission oil temperatures and unrestricted oil flow are the key requirements for a properly function ZF 6-Speed Transmission, with our primary focus being reliability. The PWR Water to Oil Heat Exchangers are very robust all aluminium construction units featuring complex tube & fin internal cores ideal when there is minimal space for a conventional oil cooler. Plumbed in between the cold side outlet of the radiator and inlet of the water pump, thick-wall extruded tubes carry the coolant flow, whilst the multiple pass baffle configuration within the shell guides the oil flow through a fine, yet robust turbulation fin in-between each tube. This innovative design provides maximum liquid to surface contact on both the coolant and oil passages, yet proves to be a high flowing unit to ensure minimal pressure drops in each of the fluid systems. The result is a very reliable high heat transfer oil cooler in a low pressure drop configuration made 100% in Australia from the finest materials and crafted by our passionate fabricators.

  • High heat transfer
  • Low pressure drop
  • Start of the art controlled atmosphere brazing process
  • Pressure tested and guaranteed
  • 1 Year manufactured warranty
  • 100% Australian made


  • Extruded Tube and Fin Internal Core
  • Water to Oil Heat Exchanger
  • Complete Kit
  • High Performance
  • Rubber Hose Version
Brand PWR