The Aeroflow Performance hard-core heavy duty Race shifter cables are the must have cable weather it is a street car or a race car. With a large 9.52mm (3/8") outer diameter cable housing that is pre-lubed with HPRE oil for smooth operation. They are designed with enough clearance to reduce backlash with a 9.52mm (.375") long-Jay outer jacket for durability which is less-likely to kink during operation. The cable features an eyelet at one end to connect to the shifter, a 10-32 threaded end at the transmission side of the cable with rotary swaged ends. This is the standard cable supplied with the Aeroflow Nitro, Pistol, Attack and various B&M shifters.

Shifter cables are measured from end to end. Please ensure that this is the correct length for your application. Do not let the cable kink anywhere along its length when it is installed, if it is kinked it will not operate the transmission correctly. The cable should be kept straight for 2 inches on either end of the cable to ensure correct operation. If this is not followed it will cause damage to all components associated to the shifter cable including transmission.


Ensure to correctly run your shifter cable away from any heat source such as exhaust systems. It is recommended to run a heat sleeve or make a heat shield from embossed aluminium to protect the cable from damage.

SKU AF72-1002