Are you one of those hot-blooded, race-loving Australians? If yes, you must be having a car that does wonders on the racetrack behind a cloud of dust. If you do not have a car that is suitable for a race track, we are here for you. No matter what kind of race you are interested in, maybe a drag race, maybe a street race, maybe professional racing on a circuit, we will turn your car into a beast that can go full-throttle and max speed on a race track, leaving your opponents far behind.

At Independent Motorsports, we specialize in modifying cars. There are several different brands that we specialize in including Audi, BMW, Dodge, Form, Volkswagen, and a lot more. Our wide range of services will equip your car with race fittings that will not only deliver your car with maximum efficiency and output, but you will also feel the difference once you have availed of our services and modified your car with our Raceworks Fittings.

We deal in genuine Raceworks products and accessories. Whatever you need, from hoses to flare cups, from valves to plugs, we have it all and all of them are genuine Raceworks Products. Our mechanics are specialists when it comes to Raceworks Fittings. If your current car is facing issues, or if you are looking for replacement parts from a genuine Raceworks company, we are here for you. Our products come at the most affordable prices and we guarantee your satisfaction.

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