Product Description

Our new fuel anti-surge system is the ultimate in fuel delivery for your turbocharged Falcon.

In September of 2007 Process West released a bar-raising true plug and play anti-surge system for the BA/BF Falcon. In 5 and a half years we sold more than 1500 units and it became the bench mark for fuel delivery in modern turbo Falcons.

The original system was based on a billet surge vessel with an externally mounted Bosch Motorsports 044 pump. Now in March of 2013 we have raised the bar once again. It was time to modernise the product and bring it up to date with the requirements of modern car fueling and fuel types.

The new system sees the pump (or pumps) mounted internally to an externally mounted anti-surge vessel. The vessel is mounted to the chassis rail just like the original Process West anti-surge system... this is not an in-tank system.

One of the main objectives when designing the system was making sure the system was easily upgradable when the need for higher fuel flows is required. The "basic" system comes installed with 1 x Walbro 460LPH pump and is a simple plug and play option.

A second Walbro 460 can be easily added to the system either at the time of purchase or later down the track when the demand for greater fuel supply is required. We have a package that allows the second pump to be installed along with a Turbosmart FPR1200 fuel pressure regulator and all of the necessary hardware for easy installation with the factory fuel rail.

Alternatively if you have an aftermarket dual entry fuel rail we have a complete fitting kit including Turbosmart FPR1200 regulator.

Assembling a fuel delivery system to suit your requirements

The "basic" single Walbro 460 system will satisfy the fuel delivery requirements of 90% of applications. This single pump system will support 680 rear wheel kilowatts and is a simple plug and play system.

When a second pump is added to the system the flow is greatly increased and the factory fuel pressure regulator is unable to control fuel pressure. At this point we need to address fuel pressure control.

What we have done is put together a package that allows the factory fuel rail to stay in place and add a Turbosmart FPR1200 fuel pressure regulator to the system. This package is known as the Process West Stage 1 Fitting Kit.

The stage 1 fitting kit combines the outlets of the two pumps, provides a factory fuel pressure regulator by-pass plug, a Turbosmart FPR1200 regulator + all of the fittings to complete the installation.

If you have an aftermarket duel entry fuel rail then we have the Process West Stage 2 Fitting Kit. This kit keeps both pump outlets separate, utilizes -6 (3/8in) hose size throughout, AN Speedflow fittings and the Turbosmart FPR1200 fuel pressure regulator.

When purchasing a twin pump system it is worth noting that the system concludes at the pump outlets of the surge tank. From this point on you will need one of the fitting kits or if you wish you can source the fittings/hoses etc and plumb it up yourself. You can spec the system with either 5/16 hose tail barbs or -6 AN type fittings...