• 8.5mm diameter
  • Spiral Wound Copper conductor
  • High EMI Suppression
  • Low Resistance (40-50 ohms per foot)
  • Hi Temperature Durable Silicone Sleeves and Boots
  • Available in Red or Black outer cover.

Aeroflow Universal spark plug wire sets come with the spark plug terminal and boots fitted with the other end open. Distributor cap boots and terminals for both late model type (HEI male terminals style) and early style (female terminals) are included so you can cut to the preferred length. The kit is supplied with a mini crimper. It is a 8 cylinder kit supplied with three 32"" (812.8mm), two 48"" (1219.2mm), two 50"" (1270mm) and two 56"" (1422mm)

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