Here is a kit with what you need to run a vacuum pump set up when your engine doesnt make enough to support the braking system. The kit consist of the following parts 


AF49-1150 Universal UP32 Vacuum Pump

The braking system is one of the most important systems in any vehicle. To ensure that constant brake power is accessible at all times, the use of a vacuum pump is often necessary. Most vehicle brake boosters use a vacuum that is generated by the naturally aspirated engine. The UP32 universal vacuum pump by Aeroflow Performance can be triggered on demand to support the brake booster

AF59-1051 Brake Vacuum Switch with Tee Fitting

 Switch is designed to maintain 17" of Vacuum(on at 15 inHg and off 20 inHg).

Barb Size: 3/8"

AF77-1018BLK Brake Vacuum Reservoir Tank - Black

These great little tanks are perfect for storing vacuum for brake booster assistance purposes.

 AF59-1050 Replacement One Way In-Line Check Valve

Aeroflow offer a high performance 3/8" brake booster valve. This valve is the same valve found in our electric brake vacuum pump and has proven to be a quality valve.