Specifications Suits Part Number
AN-8 To 15mm Barb Adaptor        EFP-108/116/485 (Pierburg EFI External Pumps)                          RWF-717-08-M15BK
AN-10 To 15mm Barb Adaptor EFP-108/116/485 (Pierburg EFI External Pumps) RWF-717-10-M15BK
AN-6 to 8mm Barb Adapter Pumps with 8mm Outlet such as Ti Automotive GSS Series RWF-717-06-M8BK
AN-6 to 10mm Barb Adapter Pumps with 10mm Outlet such as Ti Automotivce F9 Series RWF-717-06-M10BK
SKU 9301
Brand Raceworks