What does Dual Seal mean?
Dual Seal means the metric side of the fitting can either seal using the supplied washer or on an inverted flare.

Metric                                          AN                Part Number                           Material                              
M8x1.0 (Dual Seal) -3 RWF-349-03SS Stainless Steel
M8x1.0 (Dual Seal) -4 RWF-349-04SS Stainless Steel
M8x1.25 (Dual Seal) -3 RWF-349-03-02SS Stainless Steel
M8x1.25 (Dual Seal) -4 RWF-349-04-02SS Stainless Steel
M10x1.0 (Dual Seal) -3 RWF-351-03SS Stainless Steel
M10x1.0 (Dual Seal) -4 RWF-351-04SS Stainless Steel
M10x1.0 -4 RWF-729-04BK Aluminium
M10x1.0 -6 RWF-729-06BK Aluminium
M10x1.0 -6 RWF-729-06SS Stainless Steel High Flow
M10x1.0 -8 RWF-729-08BK Aluminium
M10x1.0 -8 RWF-729-08SS Stainless Steel High Flow
M10x1.25 (Dual Seal) -3 RWF-352-03SS Stainless Steel
M10x1.25 (Dual Seal) -4 RWF-352-04SS Stainless Steel
M10x1.25 -4 RWF-744-04BK Aluminium
M10x1.25 -6 RWF-744-06BK Aluminium
M10x1.25 -8 RWF-744-08BK Aluminium
M10x1.5 (Dual Seal) -3 RWF-356-03SS Stainless Steel
M10x1.5 -4 RWF-745-04BK Aluminium
M10x1.5 -6 RWF-745-06BK Aluminium
M10x1.5 -8 RWF-745-08BK Aluminium
M12x1.0 (Dual Seal) -4 RWF-357-04SS Stainless Steel
M12x1.0 -4 RWF-730-04-01BK Aluminium
M12x1.0 -6 RWF-730-06-01BK Aluminium
M12x1.25 -3 RWF-358-03SS Stainless Steel
M12x1.25 (Dual Seal) -4 RWF-358-04SS Stainless Steel
M12x1.25 -4 RWF-730-04BK Aluminium
M12x1.25 -6 RWF-730-06BK Aluminium
M12x1.25 -8 RWF-730-08BK Aluminium
M12x1.5 (Dual Seal) -4 RWF-359-04SS Stainless Steel
M12x1.5 -4 RWF-731-04BK Aluminium
M12x1.5 -6 RWF-731-06BK Aluminium
M12x1.5 -8 RWF-731-08BK Aluminium
M12x1.5 -10 RWF-731-10BK Aluminium
M14x1.25 -4 RWF-732-04-01BK Aluminium
M14x1.25 -6 RWF-732-06-01BK Aluminium
M14x1.5 -4 RWF-732-04BK Aluminium
M14x1.5 -6 RWF-732-06BK Aluminium
M14x1.5 -8 RWF-732-08BK Aluminium
M14x1.5 -10 RWF-732-10BK Aluminium
M16x1.5 -6 RWF-733-06BK Aluminium
M16x1.5 -8 RWF-733-08BK Aluminium
M16x1.5 -10 RWF-733-10BK Aluminium
M16x1.5 -12 RWF-733-12BK Aluminium
M18x1.5 -6 RWF-734-06BK Aluminium
M18x1.5 -8 RWF-734-08BK Aluminium
M18x1.5 -10 RWF-734-10BK Aluminium
M18x1.5 -12 RWF-734-12BK Aluminium
M20x1.5 -6 RWF-735-06BK Aluminium
M20x1.5 -8 RWF-735-08BK Aluminium
M20x1.5 -10 RWF-735-10BK Aluminium
M20x1.5 -12 RWF-735-12BK Aluminium
M22x1.5 -6 RWF-736-06BK Aluminium
M22x1.5 -8 RWF-736-08BK Aluminium
M22x1.5 -10 RWF-736-10BK Aluminium
M22x1.5 -12 RWF-736-12BK Aluminium
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