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Performance Dyno Tuning Specialists

A car has a lot of components that are used to measure a lot of things. A Dynamometer, also known as 'Dyno' in short, is one of the most important components in a car and is used to measure torque, or the HP a car's engine can produce. Hence, it is important to keep the dynamometer or "Dyno" in a top-notch condition so that your engine can function efficiently.

At Independent Motorsports, we have experienced and expert mechanics who excel at working with performance dynos. If you are dissatisfied with the performance of your car, if you want to add more horsepower to the engine, if you want the torque to feel like torque, you need to get a Gippsland dyno tuning with us. Getting your dyno-tuned refines the engine and increases the power output. It is the most optimal choice to improvise the performance of the engine, boost horsepower, increase torque, and run the engine more efficiently. 

Since cars are used for different purposes, for example, some cars are used for day-to-day operations while some are used for drag races, on the other hand, some cars are used for offroading. In every case, the setup of the dynamometer and the power requirement is different. To give an estimate of the power alterations a dyno tuning can bring to your car if you are using a stock car without any performance components, a dyno tuning may bring an increase up to 15 horsepower. However, if your car is equipped with performance parts, it is possible to gain an increase of 50 HP and even more depending on the performance component and engine that is equipped. At Independent Motorsports, we are specialists when it comes to performance dyno tuning and diesel remapping. Flick us a message today on our social media handles, or give us a call to schedule a tuning appointment for your car