This upgrade air intake hose is to suit the Nissan Navara ST-X 550 V6 Turbo.

This intake hose replaces the restrictive factory rubber hose that runs from the inlet of the turbocharger to the airbox.  Completely constructed from rigid high temperature 5 ply Silicone, this intake hose prevents any flex or compression under high RPM and boost levels, and is more heat resistant than the factory rubber hose. Another advantage of running a larger diameter internally smooth silicone hose is that it encourages earlier turbo spool up, better turbo note, and better throttle response throughout the rev range.

Take full advantage of this inlet hose by also fitting our replacement Hot & Cold Pipe Upgrades (see related items).

The hose comes in factory OEM black only and supplied with quality breeze hose clamps.

Brand plazmaman