Product Description

Maximizing the performance of the EcoBoost Engine in the Ford Focus ST has been part of the Process West development effort for some time now, and after an exhaustive round of design, engineering, and validation the Process West Focus ST product range has now been released to the public.

Process West Engineering

Very early in the piece data logging the tuned factory ECU showed that software modification gave a clear path of diminishing return on the EcoBoost engine. Deliberately more restricted with hardware than the Japanese market segment competition, it became very clear, very quickly, that getting the best from the Focus ST would required carefully developed hardware to work hand-in-hand with the latest generation aftermarket programming.

In the case of the Focus ST there really is something in the �bigger is better� intercooler approach. Other than using low-restriction end-tank design, and keeping an open (yet highly finned for best cooling) intercooler cooler core, the surface area was also maximized to get as much cooling potential as possible. The resultant intercooler dimensions are 550mm x 390mm x 65mm which gives massive flow potential and the capability of supporting the horsepower goals of even the most optimistic modifier.

Coming as a complete kit there is also matched 63mm (2.5 inch) intercooler piping, Process West silicone, and high durability hose clamps for a totally integrated result. Perfect fit, finish, and performance are the Process West guarantees, and the Focus ST intercooler system sticks true to this motto in every regard.

Brand Process West