During an in tank fuel pump module removal and refitting procedure, the Fuel Tank Lock Ring Removal Tool ensures that an even force is exerted on the plastic retaining nut, making it easier, saving time and reducing component damage.

  • Easier in tank pump removal and refitting.
  • Saves time and reduces component damage.
  • Ensures even force is exerted on the retaining nut.

This kit includes two adjustable diameter sockets to suit a wide range of vehicles with in tank fuel modules.

  • 2 lug socket for plastic retaining nuts from 80mm-122mm diameter.
  • 3 lug socket for plastic retaining nuts from 75mm-160mm diameter.

Both units can be altered in diameter by releasing a lock nut by hand and retightening the nut once the correct diameter has been selected. Both units require a 25mm ring spanner or similar as a drive tool for the retaining nut removal and replacement process.

EQP-030 Fuel Tank Lock Ring Removal Tool Kit 2 + 3 Arm



  • Diameter: 130mm
  • Height: 100mm
  • Weight: 0.95 kg


Access the fuel pump module at the fuel tank location. The fuel module may generally be accessed by either removing the rear seat or through an inspection panel in the boot area on most vehicles. Refer to relevant manufacturer’s instructions if required. Clean the pump module and surrounding tank area to eliminate any foreign particles entering the fuel tank during the module removal process. Low pressure compressed air may be used prior to removal of the module. Warning! Ensure protective eyewear is used during this procedure and all electrical safety requirements have been adhered to. Tool Selection. Select the suitable EQP-030 tool for the plastic retainer nut on the pump module and adjust the lugs to the correct diameter as required. The tool can be locked in the adjusted position by the hand operated lock nut. Note: The diameter of the plastic retaining nut and the width of the drive lugs must be taken into consideration when selecting the correct kit socket to be used. The EQP-030 is not suitable for all fuel pump modules. Removal Procedure. A 25mm Ring Spanner or similar tool is used on top of the tool as a drive to remove (by unscrewing) the plastic retaining nut. Beware of excess fuel spillage during the pump removal process. Note: Inspect the fuel and internal tank for any signs of grit and foreign particles once the Fuel module has been removed. Flushing may be required if applicable. Beware: Ensure a fuel module is refitted ASAP to the fuel tank and the retaining nut secured. This reduces possible warping on the threaded area of the plastic fuel tank that may cause difficulty in sealing which could result in fuel leakage on completion. Warning! Ensure there are no sparks or naked flames near the exposed fuel area and also ensure a suitable fire extinguisher is accessible for both removal and the refitting procedure.

Common Precautions during re assembly.

Exercise all relevant safety requirements during these tasks.

  • Ensure the correct fuel module is to be fitted if renewed.
  • Ensure a new seal or seal ring is fitted to the replacement fuel module prior to refitting.
  • Align fuel module in the correct position prior to submerging the pump unit into the tank.
  • Use the correct EQP-030 tool to tighten the plastic retainer nut.
  • Do not over tighten the plastic retainer nut.
  • Ensure there are no fuel leaks on completion of the task and clean all residues.
  • Ensure the fuel gauge is operating correctly on completion.
  • Check for any fuel leaks after completion.
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