The race-proven Ross Performance Parts Ford Barra Harmonic Damper range is designed to protect your #RBHunter Boostyboy from damaging torsional harmonics that are an inherent problem with long inline 6 cylinder engines. An incorrectly spec’d damper can lead to spun bearings, loosening of critical bolts, such as flywheel, flexplate or tail shaft, excessive vibration felt in the cabin or in the worst case a broken crankshaft. Even expensive billet cranks fail just as easily as cast when harmonics are involved.

Our Harmonic Damper range will help to protect your investment, whether that investment is a 500,000km old “just broken in” $150 ex taxi junker being leant on by 40psi from a Chinese Crankshaft Cracker, or a megabuck engine built to walk Audi RS3s at Powercruise…. 

No matter your use – from Street, Strip, Drift, Race to Dyno Queen, there’s a damper to suit.

The Race Series is a 1000hp damper and it will cover everything from your Nanna’s car with a stock tune, all the way through to 9-second weapons.

SKU 206500  Race Model Stock Size 167mm

Suites BA BF FG XR6 XR6T & Territory All 6 Cyl Barra Engine

SKU 206500
Brand Ross