King Brown (Pacemaker) Exhaust Systems

Pacemakers are gizmos that are often used to aid a dying heart. However, here, pacemakers mean something else. These are exhaust systems that allow the byproduct of the combustion, that is the carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and whatever harmful gases are produced after the combustion of the fuel to escape out of the car.

A King Brown Pacemaker exhaust system is a special exhaust that is made by the Australian company Pacemaker. These exhaust systems are made from 409 stainless steel and are designed to be flexible and stretchy depending on the load that falls on the exhaust that is generated by the heat and vibration of the engine.

At Independent Motorsports, we deal in genuine King Brown Pacemaker Exhaust Systems. Our mechanics are well trained and equipped with the proper tools and skills to handle such heavy-duty exhaust systems. If your current King Brown Pacemaker Exhaust system is not functioning properly and demands a repair, our mechanics will be able to fix the issue with servicing without any hassle. Not only King Brown Exhausts, but our mechanics are also able to deal with all sorts of problems related to exhaust systems.

A non-functional, or poorly functioning exhaust system affects the efficiency of the vehicle. It may cause reduced fuel economy, reduce the efficiency of the engine, and in the worst-case scenario, reduce the health and life of the engine leading to engine seizures and failure. Hence, if you feel that your car is making weird sounds, shaking, vibrating a lot, or showing any kind of abnormal behavior, check the exhaust system first. A King Brown Pacemaker Exhaust system makes sure that your engine is running smoothly and the byproducts of the combustion of the fuel are liberated out of the car with maximum efficiency.

King Brown Pacemaker Exhausts are made of stainless steel which is quite a bit durable. It looks better and lasts longer than the aluminized mufflers. A stainless steel exhaust will offer a wide-open performance with no restrictions and a lifetime warranty.

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