What is the Car Exhaust System Performance? Explained!

The function of the exhaust systems is to transport the fuel mixture of burned air away from an engine. However, that's not where its job is done. The exhaust system is responsible for cleaning this emission and minimizing the generated noise. It also impacts the overall performance of your car. Therefore it is crucial to know how well it's designed. Read on to discover how the exhaust system functions and its importance.

Parts of an Exhaust System

In the same way, as is the case, we must determine the components utilized in the exhaust system before we look at how they function.

Exhaust Manifold

The function of a car exhaust system manifold is to gather the exhaust gases, then kite them together into one pipe. It is the initial part of the exhaust system. It is directly connected to the engine.

Oxygen Sensors

Two sensors are utilized, one following the manifold and the other after the catalytic converter. Their function is to determine the oxygen level in the exhaust gas.


They act as a link to the various components in the exhaust systems. They are usually designed with high pressure in mind. So choosing, silicone hoses would be a great choice.

Catalytic Converter

The component that follows the exhaust manifold. Its task is to eliminate harmful emissions from the exhaust, such as CO and NOx.


The resonator can be found next to the catalytic converter in the car. It's used to cut down on noise at a particular frequency.

Muffler/ Silencer

You may have heard that silencers are used to cut down the amount of noise. It differs from the resonator because it is used for various sounds.

Tailpipe/ Exhaust

It is the final point of an exhaust system. It spits the exhaust gases out of the vehicle.

Working Of An Exhaust System

Following the 4th cycle of the combustion engine, the exhaust gases are released. The exhaust manifold is connected to the engine and constructed to be equipped with pipes throughout the cylinder. It only has one output. The manifold collects all exhaust gases from various chambers simultaneously and pushes them through one pipe. Opening and closing the exhaust manifold is controlled by the poppet valve.

Once the exhaust gases have been collected, they pass via the catalytic converter via pipes. Pipes from stock are constructed to cut down on the cost of the vehicle. Therefore they come with no tapers, which affect the exhaust gas's pressure and could create back pressure that reduces performance.

We'll discuss this when we have completed 'working on an exhaust system'. Oxygen sensors determine the level of oxygen present in the exhaust gas. A high oxygen level indicates that the car is not burning sufficient fuel. Likewise, less oxygen means that more fuel is being consumed. This information is sent to the TCU, and the TCU alters the way fuel is delivered to the vehicle.


It is an intricate device that utilizes chemical processes to convert harmful CO and NOx into benign gases. It can break down the gases through two techniques which are reduction and the process of oxidation. Reduction happens when a NOx particle enters the catalyst. The converter breaks NOx particles into O and O, which are safe. This is why it's called reduction. Oxidation happens when a CO particle can pass through. The catalyst creates an additional O in CO and makes it CO2, which is innocuous compared to CO. In this manner, the catalytic converter cleanses the exhaust gasses.

A second oxygen sensor is installed in the catalytic converter, serving the same reason. It checks that the gases leaving the catalytic converter are the correct CO2 and O. If it discovers otherwise, it alerts the ECU that there may be a defect in this catalytic convertor.

Resonators, though not in every car, are used as they help to cut down on sound from driving, which can be annoying. It cuts out like droning sounds by introducing the same sound but at a different frequency. This reduces the frequency and blocks out the background noise.

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