VCM Performance VF LFX V6 OTR-----Dyno Test

Author: Stathi Kavadias  Date Posted:3 July 2022 

We finally get our hands on the NEW VCM Performance V6 LFX OTR to test.

The results aren't too bad.

All our R&D work is always done on our in-house hub dyno and we do this primarily because of the accuracy and repeatability of the dyno, when doing this sort of stuff on a roller dyno you can see quite a lot of inflation between the power figure and this can all come down to how the vehicle is strapped! how the tire itself is working and the placement of the front chocks, Not saying that the roller dyno is not accurate it's just not the best tool for doing back to back testing on, with the hub Dyno by taking these variable out it leaves us with a much more accurate power figure and most importantly allowing us to fine-tune the power out of the vehicle.

The VCM Performance OTR has a very unique and innovative design allowing them to place the AFM Maf card inside the OTR this does make it a little challenging with the installation of the OTR but once you loosen off the 13mm inlet plenum bolts this will allows you to lift up the plenum and slide it altogether.

Now to the negatives and positives.

On a positive note we are quite pleased with the results and and the overall fitment of the OTR however by simply installing this to your vehicle without tuning is going to leave you quite disappointed as we found their to be a 30KW loss in power and a extremely rich fuel mixture this comes from the placement of the air flow metre into a different size tube changing the airflow calibration this is where the mandatory tuning comes into place. 

Once the PCM is calibrated then you will see the true results.


As you can see by the clean look with the infill panels it surprisingly looks quite good giving you an OEM look & most importantly keeping the authorities happy at the same time.

Here you can see how they've done the AFM in the internal tube which has a nice bellmouth to help promote a nice clean air path.

Now some people will say the gains aren't that good but we believe this to be a well worthy upgrade to your LFX engine with a 11% increase in power and torque. Out on the road you can definitely notice the newfound power from 4000rpm all the way to redline.


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