Pro Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car Air Filters

Do you want to extend the life of your car’s air filters? Do you want to enhance your car’s overall mileage score?
If so, it’s time to consider cleaning your car air filters!
Your car won't get enough air to burn with the gasoline if your air filter is clogged and unclean, which results in inefficient burning in the chamber.
Given everything mentioned above, it is simple to comprehend why maintaining clean car air filters is so crucial and why it is possible to do so by following a few straightforward procedures.
1. Locating the Air Filter
The air filter for your car is conveniently located on top of the engine. If you still can't locate it, check your car's owner's manual, which should list all the various engine parts.
You lack the handbook. Go online since there is probably a digital copy or a YouTube video that will show you where it is. If that doesn't work, ask a mechanic to point it out the following time your car is serviced.
2. Cleaning
If your air filter has a vacuum attachment, you can either vacuum it or wash it. Remove the filter and put it in a bucket of soapy water to clean it. Pull it out after allowing it to slide, swivel, and swirl about in the bucket. To remove as much water as you can, shake the filament.
To make sure it is completely dry, you may either set it outside in the sun for a while or dry it off on a towel. Please be aware that reinstalling a filter that is even slightly damp could seriously harm vital parts of the engine. But if you want to vacuum-clean the filter filament, make sure to do both sides. Examine it carefully and remove as much dust and grime as you can.
3. Clean the Air Box
Now you also need to clean the air box where the air filter filament is located in addition to the air filter filament. Clean the box with a soft cloth or paper towel and don't leave anything inside. If a wet towel was used, make sure the box is dry before replacing the filter.
4. Reinstall Filter
Reverse the procedure you used to open the air canister and carefully reinstall the air filter inside. This straightforward procedure may be completed at home in 10 minutes and can help you save some money. Oh, and if you do decide to change the air filter, just repeat the cleaning step of this method!
Not only it will help you save time, you will save the cost of diesel remapping!
 How Frequently Should You Clean the Air Filter Of Your Car?
Every 15,000 miles or so, try to have the air filter in your automobile cleaned. You should follow the maintenance schedule for the air filter recommended in your car's owner's handbook. If you reside in a rural region where there is typically more dirt and dust on the roads, you may need to clean the air filter more frequently.
Even if you don't drive much, consider cleaning the air filter as part of routine maintenance at least once a year. Doing so will ensure the engine's performance and efficiency. Additionally, the air filter should be changed every three years because it can eventually become brittle and stop functioning as well.
A car can function as it was intended to when its air filter is clean. You won't have any serious problems getting in and out of your car when you want to.

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