Micks LSA converted VE SS

Date Posted:26 February 2017 

Mick brought us his Pontiac G8 fronted SSV to us with a freshly installed (but not running) LSA Crate engine.

We were able to finish off the electrical system to adapt from L98 to LSA and we fitted a new genuine intake duct along with a VCM LSA airbox

The standard 6 rib belt setup has been replaced with an (overdriven) gilmer belt system allowing 13.5 PSI of boost pressure..

We installed a set of hi-flowed IMS Spec injectors suitable for the E85 That the car is running.

After being tuned, it made an impressive 440 kw at the wheels.


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Engine mounts

By: on 29 August 2021
Hi I also have an LSA in a ve Just wondering what engine mounts did you use as I had to cut the inside skin of the bonnet to make it close? Thanks

Independent Motorsports Response
We used the Stock GM Mounts

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