Ford Falcon EcoLPI Development and Barra Camshafts

Author: Daniel Broadbent   Date Posted:15 February 2017 

Nick came in with his ecoLPI powered FG XR6.  After being told by various workshops that you cannot tune an ecoLPI, we decided that we would challenge them and prove that it CAN be done. 

To start with, Nicks XR6 had a set of ceramic coated headers and a 2.5" exhaust system, along with Herrod cold air intake and air box.  

We were able to extract a respectable 25kw at the wheels proving that not only you could tune an ecoLPI, you can get great results using the much higher octane LPG.  Power increased from 140kw to 165kw at the wheels.

Not wanting to end there, Nick wanted to push it a little further so we fitted a pair of Marshall Cams Camshafts, along with a set of shims for the lifters and retuned it again with rather impressive results.

Not only Nicks car had awesome results as far as power and torque gain, this thing sounds incredible!!!

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