Essential Raceworks Fittings You Can’t Afford to Miss for Your Vehicle

Date Posted:3 April 2023 

Do you want to make your vehicle ready for an upcoming race? Do you want to win every race with your beloved car?
If so, it’s time to consider the essential performance enhancer components!
Whether you are looking for fuel, air, and fluid management components, you cannot overlook the raceworks catalogue which has a range of equipment. From fuel pumps to lock hoses, you can simply have these components to enjoy unmatched performance every time.
Now, the question arises- What essential fittings should you consider for your vehicle?
In this post, we’ll be discussing the 4 major raceworks fittings that you cannot avoid to boost your car’s performance.
Let’s discuss them in detail!

Oxygen Sensor Extension

If you are looking for a product that can modify your exhaust, then you cannot go wrong with an oxygen sensor extension. Resembles like your spark plug, one of the sensors is arranged in front of the catalytic converter while the other one is located in every exhaust manifold of the vehicle. Talking about the working of such an O2 sensor, it helps to check the oxygen amount available in the exhaust.  However, the performance of these oxygen sensor extensions depends on the engine, model, and manufacturing year of the car.

Push Lock Hose Fittings

Also known as push-to-connect fittings, these fittings allow fittings and connectors to attach to hoses. The major highlight of such a product is that it doesn’t use crimp sleeves or clamps while eliminating the sharp edges that can harm you. Since there are no specialised tools required, you can significantly save time, injuries, and effort. Also, using a simple tool for quick installation ensure that hose connections are safely installed. In addition to fittings, you can consider spring kit from crow cams for an enhanced suspension system. 

Metric Plugs

Another popular fitting that you can't afford to miss is nothing but metric plugs. The major highlight of such plugs is that they can easily prevent metric threading from getting destroyed by grime or dirt during painting or coating your car. When you are looking to buy metric plugs, then you simply find plugs that come in a range of sizes with multiple sizes and colour options available.

Surge Tank

If you want a product that ensures a consistent supply of fuel to the engine during performance-oriented tasks, then a fuel surge tank could be a solution. Not only does it ensure ample fuel is there for pressure pumps but it also prevents fuel starvation that may happen during high-performance driving scenarios. Its main objective is to supply the fuel to the engine, allowing it to perform better under any conditions, no matter what. Also, when the engine is not working, the unused fuel is sent back to the surge tank.


If you are an avid racer and want to improve the overall efficiency of your car, then consider these essential raceworks fittings. Be it a drag race or a circuit race, having these components will never disappoint you.

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