AN Male to Female Swivel with 1/8″ NPT Port

Available in both Alloy & Stainless

npt port adapters RWF-140-06BK


  AN      NPT Port Depth     Material     Part Number  
  -3   10.5mm   Aluminium            RWF-140-03BK  
  -3   10.5mm   Stainless Steel   RWF-140-03SS
  -4   11.3mm   Aluminium   RWF-140-04BK
  -4   11.3mm   Stainless Steel   RWF-140-04SS
  -6   12.2mm   Aluminium   RWF-140-06BK
  -8   14.2mm   Aluminium   RWF-140-08BK
  -10   18.1mm   Aluminium   RWF-140-10BK
  -12   21.1mm   Aluminium   RWF-140-12BK
  -16   29.0mm   Aluminium   RWF-140-16BK
SKU Anmalefemale
Brand Raceworks