Raceworks Aluminium Tube is made from 6063-T6 grade aluminium, making it suitable for all forms of intake including aspirated, turbocharged and supercharged applications. In some drag-racing only applications, aluminium tube is also used for exhaust. It is much lighter than steel or stainless steel pipes, and offers excellent corrosion resistance.



1.25″ 31.8mm      ITS-125L 610mm 1.6mm
1.25″ 31.8mm      ITS-125L 610mm 1.6mm
1.50″ 38.1mm ITS-150L 610mm 1.6mm
2.00″ 50.8mm ITS-200L 610mm 1.6mm
2.50″ 63.5mm ITS-250L 610mm 2.0mm
3.00″ 76.2mm ITS-300L 610mm 2.0mm
3.50″ 88.9mm ITS-350L 610mm 2.0mm
4.00″ 101.6mm ITS-400L 610mm 2.0mm
5.00″ 127.0mm ITS-500L 610mm 2.0mm




Brand Raceworks