Raceworks Donuts are Tight Radius 5052 Grade aluminium, and welded on the outside only
They all feature a 41mm dia hole in the centre.


Tube dia. Imperial    Tube dia. Metric    Part No.    Wall Thickness   Centre Line Radius
2.0" 50.8mm ITD-200 2.0mm 45.9mm
2.5" 62.0mm ITD-250 2.0mm 51.5mm
3.0" 76.0mm ITD-300 2.0mm 58.5mm
3.5" 89.0mm ITD-350 2.0mm 65.0mm
4.0" 101.0mm ITD-400 2.0mm 71.0mm
5.0" 127.0mm ITD-500 2.0mm 85.0mm





Brand Raceworks