Raceworks Aluminium Tube is made from 6063-T6 grade aluminium, making it suitable for all forms of intake including aspirated, turbocharged and supercharged applications. In some drag-racing only applications, aluminium tube is also used for exhaust. It is much lighter than steel or stainless steel pipes, and offers excellent corrosion resistance.




Imperial   Metric         Part No.           Length    Thickness  
1.25" 31.8mm ITE-090-125 140mm 1.6mm  
1.50" 38.1mm ITE-090-150 140mm 1.6mm  
2.00" 50.8mm ITE-090-200 140mm 1.6mm  
2.50" 63.5mm ITE-090-250 140mm 2.0mm  
3.00" 76.2mm ITE-090-300 140mm 2.0mm  
3.50" 88.9mm ITE-090-350 165mm 2.0mm  
4.00" 101.6mm ITE-090-400 185mm 2.0mm  
5.00" 127.0mm ITE-090-500 185mm 2.0mm