Ideal for racers who want to log and analyse linear position of moving components like suspension travel, steering angle or gearbox position

Suits: TH400 (Reid Case) transmissions Note: Bracket is designed to suit TH400 Reid case transmissions, but may fit other brand / transmissions. Works with Elite, Nexus series ECUs, iC-7 Digital Displays, also other aftermarket stand-alone ECUs.

Includes: 1 x Mounting Bracket 2 x 5/16 x 1/2" Mounting Bolts 2 x #8-32 x 3/4" Nylon Mounting Bolts 2 x #8-32 Nylock Nuts 1 x HT-011201 Linear Position Sensor - 50mm Travel

Notes: With this kit fitted, the gear position can be displayed on a digital dash (like the iC-7) giving the driver immediate notification of the gear change and position. This in turn allows the tuner to map and implement various gear-based strategies from idle control, boost control to starter motor lockout or reverse light activation.

SKU HT-011229
Brand Haltech