Land Rover Discovery TD5

Did you know that Independent Motorsports can reflash a vast range of Diesel and Euro vehicles.  We are able to read the factory ECU file and make changes to the relevant tables such as boost, injection timing, injection pulsewidth and torque limits and what this means for you is that we are able to safely calibrate a tune that will not only make maximum power and torque but with all of the advantages of factory safety limits.


Make:     Landrover
Model:   2002 Discovery TD5
Power – Before:  45AWK After: 65AWK
Torque – Before: 166NM After:239NM
Power & Torque Gain: 44%
Bolt-on Mods: All Stock  
Tuning Method:  Factory  ECU Re-program
Tune Price: $1290 Incl GST