Introducing the R-Series Head and Camshaft package to suit VE-VF LSx engines

Author: Daniel Broadbent   Date Posted:25 January 2017 

Leon came in with his L98 engined VE Commodore looking for a Head and Cam package.  He told us the power output he was wanting to achieve and we were able to supply him with our R-Spec package.

Our R-Spec Head and Cam Package comes with Blackwell CNC ported heads (to IMS specs) and 233/238 110+2  Camshaft, along with dual valve springs and upgraded pushrods .  As part of this package we need to fly-cut the pistons to allow enough piston to valve clearance.

In addition, we also include a set of upgraded trunions which reaplce the OEM set that is prone to failure

The power delivery of this package makes it feel like a larger displacement, big cube engine with plenty of power & torque.  This is the ultimate head & cam package we offer retaining the standard bottom end. 

We were able to extract 360 rear wheel kilowatts and ultimately build what will be a fantastic daily driver and weekend track weapon.

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