Independant Motor Sports.

Ford Tuning

Independent Motorsports offers Ford flash tuning services.

You now don’t just have to pick between economy or brute horsepower… We can offer you both!

With the use of SCT Ford Flash Tuning, along with the brand new VCM Suite/HP Tuners Ford Tuning software, Independent Motorsports has become a leader in your area for tuning for your Ford Falcon.

Catering for XR6, XR6 Turbo and XR8/GT variants, we have custom tunes to suit all needs. Strip power with street economy, you wont believe the potential that is hidden in your ride.

With the use of our in house 450kw Dyno Dynamics Dyno, we are able to custom tune, extracting the best possible results.



Ford SCT Tuning Pricing (AU-BA-BF-FG-XR6 XR8 XR6T)
SCT Flash Tune No Box AU-FG              (Tune Only No Xcal)            $800
SCT XCAL3  FLASH BOX AU-FG              (Full Custom Dyno Tune With Xcal)    $1450 
SCT XCAL3   BOX ONLY AU-FG              (Xcal No Tune)    $650
Ford SCT Tuning Pricing (EA EB  ED EF NL XF XH XG AU)  
SCT Ford Eliminator Switch Chip EA-AU   (Tune Only No Chip)    $550
SCT Ford Eliminator Switch Chip EA-AU   (Full Custom Dyno Tune With Chip)    $1100  
SCT Ford Eliminator Switch Chip EA-AU   (Chip No Tune)    $550
Ford HP/Tuners Pricing (BA BF FG XR6 XR8)    
HP/Tuners Custom Dyno Tune    $950  


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